Axis Global Logistics focuses on designing and implementing supply chain solutions for its customers—solutions that rationalize the supply chain process thus optimizing costs and efficiency. These solutions are built—to a significant degree—on our industry-leading supply chain technology and hardware infrastructure.

Information flow is an integral part of any supply chain solution. That’s why Axis has made such a significant investment in world class technology infrastructure and has launched a 24/7 managed service SAS70 compliant data center. This data center offers customers high-tech security and a comprehensive disaster recovery back up plan. Companies that partner with Axis also benefit because our business system can share data among numerous processes such as strategic planning, finance, inventory optimization, warehouse activities and transportation management. By integrating all trading partners within the supply chain Axis provides real-time visibility of inventory, order and shipment status—all of which translates into cost savings and an improved bottom line.

Our technology solution features:

Cloud Based Computing – Managed Service Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

Axis’ locations are linked through the cloud. Two central hubs serve as data collection/communication centers. Each remote site sends and receives data to/from our headquarters and Atlanta co-location ensuring replication of all data generated.

Axis-Trak Transportation Management

This system lets you create and track inbound and outbound shipments, generate air bill documentation and labels and produce U.S. customs documentation, including commercial invoices. Users can also create customized on-line reports such as real-time proof-of-delivery documents.

Axis/Cadence Inventory Management

This system lets users locate and allocate inventory, search product catalogs, build and place orders, check order status and control min/max levels. The system also allows you to view images of stored inventory items and can be hyper-linked to your website so that your customers can order inventory directly.

Paperless EDI Solution

Accuracy and visibility are the hallmarks of Axis’ EDI solution. This paperless computer-to-computer communication cuts processing time and speeds the general flow of information. This solution also eliminates paper invoicing and errors due to manual data entry and misread faxes and allows you to instantly receive shipment status and costing updates.

Automatic Email and Faxes

Axis can automatically send you an email alert the moment your shipment arrives and can also send you customized email and faxes however and whenever you need them. What’s more, we can customize reports to your exact specifications and automatically send them to you in a CSV spreadsheet format.

Find out more about Axis’ technology solutions by clicking on the literature links on this page and by emailing us at or calling 800-568-4901. And please contact us at any time for a through discussion of your needs.

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