Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Maintaining freshness and quality is obviously the highest priority when it comes to the handling, shipment, storage and distribution of something as perishable as food products. That's why choosing the right logistics provider is of utmost importance—because where food safety and quality are concerned there is simply no margin for error.

But having the correct logistics partner when you work in the food industry is critical for other reasons as well. Aside from safety issues, your industry faces numerous challenges ranging from ever-changing consumer demands and government regulations to constant pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. As a result, you need a logistics provider that understands both the sensitive and highly-competitive nature of the food industry.

Decision-makers in the food industry choose Axis Global Logistics because they understand that Axis has both the experience and systems to help them succeed in this unforgiving economic environment. These executives partner with Axis because they know they will benefit from an integrated single-source supply chain solution that will optimize costs and efficiency and offer visibility and control—a solution built on global capabilities, industry-leading technology, the highest possible degree of personal service and, most importantly, a thorough understanding of the food industry.

Food industry executives also know that, like them, Axis is always looking for ways to better serve their customers. As part of that effort, Axis has opened the National Fulfillment Center, which has been designed, in large part, to serve the food industry. Strategically located in Somerset, New Jersey—near major airports, roadways and ports—this 250,000 square-foot fulfillment center offers the food industry a scalable and flexible supply chain solution.

Food Industry Services:

  • Certified Grade A food warehouse.
  • Large volume transaction capabilities—including EDI transactions to major retailers and price clubs.
  • Temperature-controlled warehouse storage.
  • Manufacturer date and expiration date tracking.
  • LIFO-FIFO picking methodology.
  • FEFO: first expired, first out picking.
  • Lot number tracking.
  • Third-party carrier loading.
  • Comprehensive sanitation and monitoring program.
  • Trade show coordination.

General Services:

  • Time-critical transportation services.
  • Global capabilities: offices and warehouse and distribution facilities across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and more than 1500 Axis agents worldwide.
  • Flexible service—24/7.
  • Industry-leading technology: Axis-Trak provides real-time access to your shipment status.
  • Automatic POD notification—you will know when your shipment arrives.
  • Web-based WMS cadence system for multi-location warehouse inventory control.
  • Customs compliance.
  • Personal service—whenever and wherever you need us.

For more information about Axis' solutions for the food and beverage industry, please email us at or call 800-568-4901 for a thorough discussion of your needs.