Solutions for Clinical Trials

The process by which new life-saving and life-enhancing drugs are developed and brought to market is a long and complex one involving a tremendous financial commitment on the part of pharmaceutical companies. Clinical trials are a vitally important part of this drug development process and since even a minor delay can cost a company millions of dollars it is essential that these trials be conducted in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Logistics plays a key role in determining whether or not a clinical trail is a success—that's because things like the transport of clinical trial materials to investigator sites and patient samples back to laboratories can help determine if a product is launched on-time and on-budget. If these critical items are not handled correctly and delivered when and where they are needed, the financial and human cost can be significant.

That is why so many of the decision-makers that run clinical trials turn to Axis Global Logistics for their logistics services. They choose Axis because they know that the company understands how dependent the drug development process is on clinical trail efficiency; they also know that Axis will provide them with a single-source supply chain solution that optimizes costs and efficiency and offers visibility and control—a solution built on global capabilities, industry-leading technology, the highest possible degree of personal service and, perhaps most importantly, a thorough understanding of the clinical trial process.

Clinical Trial Services:

  • Network of Axis agents who are experts in clinical trial procedures and who stay in close contact with investigators to maintain efficiency and eliminate problems.
  • Around-the-clock collection and delivery of specimens, investigational drugs, kits, study materials and supplies.
  • Delivery to clinical trial sites or laboratories within 24 hours via our Next Flight Out, Air Charter or On-Board Courier.
  • Cold chain logistics strategy to ensure sample integrity.
  • Meticulous monitoring and documentation of each shipment's chain of custody.
  • Temperature-controlled and highly-secured warehousing for storage and distribution.
  • Forecasting of clinical trial supply demands to cut waste and costs.
  • Comprehensive paperwork assistance: customs clearance (pre-clearance when possible), permit applications, authorizations, documentation, etc.
  • Returns collection, reconciliation and destruction.

General Services:

  • Time-critical transportation services.
  • Global capabilities: offices and warehouse and distribution facilities across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and more than 800 Axis agents worldwide.
  • Flexible, around-the-clock service—24/7.
  • Industry-leading technology: Axis-Trak provides real-time access to your shipment status.
  • Automatic POD notification—you will know when your shipment arrives.
  • Web-based WMS cadence system for multi-location warehouse inventory control.
  • Customs compliance.
  • Personal service—whenever and wherever you need us.

For more information about Axis' solutions for clinical trials, please email us at or call 800-568-4901 for a thorough discussion of your needs.