Industry-Specific Supply Chain Solutions

Forward-thinking business executives recognize that an industry-specific supply chain solution can be a key element of their success, but many face the same dilemma—in this ultra-competitive business environment most of their time and attention needs to be devoted to growing their business and taking care of their customers.

That's why so many of these decision-makers turn to Axis Global Logistics. Partnering with Axis allows these executives to stay focused on what they do best, but also lets them take advantage of all of the benefits that flow from an industry-specific supply chain solution. These benefits include:

  • bringing products to market more quickly;
  • reducing the need for costly infrastructure;
  • leveraging economies of scale;
  • making their operation more scalable and adaptable;
  • using technology to maximize visibility and control;
  • ensuring inventory and order processing accuracy.

What all of this adds up to is a supply chain solution that will manage goods from your source to your customer—from end-to-end—and, at the same time, optimize costs and efficiency and yield measurable results.

At the core of an Axis supply chain solution is an understanding that each industry is different and that each business within an industry has its own unique set of requirements (often involving a series of crucial decision points) when it concerns the management of their goods. It is that knowledge that allows Axis to design and implement a solution that meets your specific needs.

Axis' supply chain solutions are built on a leadership team of veteran logistics professionals as well as on global capabilities—the company has distribution and warehouse facilities across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and more than 1500 agents worldwide. Axis' solutions also rely on industry-leading technology which provides customers with flexibility and real-time visibility and control throughout the supply chain process.

But what really sets an Axis solution apart and what customers appreciate most of all is the unmatched personal, around-the-clock service that we deliver every day.

Please click on an industry-specific link to find a logistics solution that's right for you and email us at or call 800-568-4901 to arrange for a thorough discussion of your needs.