Fulfillment & Warehousing Services

Axis Global Logistics offers fulfillment and warehousing services as a single, integrated process. Our customer service representatives gain a thorough understanding of your precise requirements and, as a result, are then able to streamline your fulfillment processes and eliminate unnecessary steps. All of this allows us to synchronize the flow of materials through your supply chain thus reducing inventory and costs.

Service Highlights:

  • Unmatched expertise when it comes to designing and executing large-scale fulfillment projects.
  • Support for national and global fulfillment.
  • EDI transaction processing (846, 856, 940, 943, 944, 945).
  • Specialists in high-volume fulfillment of print and promotional materials, including literature fulfillment. Axis is the leading provider of fulfillment services for advertisers, printers and marketers.
  • Specialists in high-volume pick and pack operations for B to B and/or B to C distribution models.
  • Full on-demand printing solutions via a simple browser interface.
  • Industry-leading order and warehouse management systems.
  • Web-based real-time data on order status and inventory.


  • Order processing: Direct EDI communication via phone, fax and email. Axis can build a web storefront and fulfill orders on-line.
  • Inventory management: Management of stored product down to the lot, component or serial number using RF-enabled warehouse management system.
  • FIFO & FEFO: First-in-first-out picking and first-expired-first-out picking.
  • Pick & pack: Pick-pack-ship process for small orders to businesses or consumers.
  • Configuration/kit assembly: Combine items from multiple vendors into single unit. Simplify manufacturing of a single product for import or export. Produce the kitting of additional materials at destination city and then transport to final destination.
  • Co-packing/Re-packing: Services built on operational best practices and industry-leading technology designed to meet specific marketing objectives. Services include: building brand packs, shrink wrap, fin-seal overwrapping, PVC sleeving, labeling, blister packing, wafer sealing, scouring and folding.
  • Literature fulfillment: Warehousing and distribution of promotional literature—includes order processing, literature package assembly, inventory control and billing by cost.
  • Reverse logistics: Transportation, storage and disposition of returned goods—includes automated management of RMA process, inspection, and appropriate disposition (repair, return to manufacturer, liquidate, dispose).
  • Merge-in-transit: Consolidation of multiple loads from various suppliers to synchronize one delivery and to streamline costs.

Axis' fulfillment and warehousing services are one component of an overall supply chain solution that the company designs and implements for its customers. Built on global capabilities, industry-leading technology and a leadership team of veteran logistics professionals, this solution rationalizes the supply chain process thus optimizing costs and efficiency.

Please email us at or call 800-568-4901 for more information about Axis' fulfillment and warehousing services and for a thorough discussion of your needs.