Axis' Dedicated Services for Medical Centers

Like an artery in your body, a medical center supply chain depends on a continuous flow in order to operate at peak efficiency. If it is blocked or restricted in any way, the result can be lost time, higher costs and, even worse, a delayed or misplaced delivery.

Axis' Dedicated Services – which focuses on the needs of medical centers, laboratories, doctor's offices, clinics and the suppliers of medical items and equipment – designs and implements solutions based on lean principles that will unblock your supply chain thus cutting your costs and streamlining your transportation operations.

At the core of an Axis medical center supply chain solution is the concept of lean principles, or creating more value for customers with fewer resources and more efficient processes – resulting in cost savings. A key element of lean principles as it relates to the medical center supply chain is the idea of small-batch, high frequency. In simple terms that means that Axis runs routes more frequently during the day with a lower volume for pickup.

Specifically, this translates into a decrease of expensive STAT runs by up to 50% and a cut in overall costs by an average of 25% – along with reduced stress and mistakes and faster results for your customers and your patients.

Service Highlights:

  • Transport of category A & B biological substances, specimens, tissue, urine and blood;
  • Transport of pharmaceuticals, X-ray, medical supplies/equipment and documents;
  • Physical Relocation and Transition Management for Laboratories and Offices;
  • Route efficiency and cost assessment;
  • Critical, on-demand STAT deliveries – 24/7;
  • Custom-designed daily routes to meet your frequent, multi-stop delivery needs;
  • Private fleet management;
  • Drivers that receive annual training and certification in the handling and transportation of Blood Borne Pathogens and Hazardous Materials – who also have a thorough knowledge of HIPAA regulations;
  • Drivers that pass detailed background and criminal checks, carry PPE and spill kits and are always dressed in full uniform with ID badges;
  • Axis is TSA certified and carefully complies with Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR: 49CFR Parts 171-180) and OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Standards and is qualified and compliant with regulations to handle Class A Infectious Substances.

General Services:

  • Same Day Air: airport pickup and delivery, door-to-door, same day delivery of your critical package anywhere in the United States;
  • Real-time online package tracking at your fingertips;
  • Proof of deliveries via electronic signatures, email, phone and/or fax.

Axis provides a wide-range of services for medical centers – from the daily transportation of specimens to the long distance transportation of vital medical equipment and organs.

To learn more about how Axis' Dedicated Services helps medical centers cut costs and increase efficiency, contact Joe Crane at or 888-539-9708. Please also click on our literature link which describes our services in more detail.