Axis' Dedicated Services

Axis' Dedicated Services designs and implements supply chain solutions for organizations as diverse as medical centers and auto dealerships – solutions that are built on the philosophy of lean principles, or creating more value for customers with fewer resources and more efficient processes – resulting in cost savings.

At the core of the lean principles philosophy is the idea of small batch – high frequency. In simple terms that means Axis runs routes more frequently during the day with a lower volume of orders for pickup. As a consequence, clients enjoy a steadier workflow throughout the day, which reduces costs, stress and mistakes. It all begins with Axis gaining a comprehensive understanding of your specific requirements. The Dedicated Services team will assess and optimize your current routes and processes and – by employing lean principles – will implement a solution that creates a well-regulated work-flow for you and your colleagues – a solution that has been proven to reduce costs by an average of 25%.

Service Highlights:

  • Customized supply chain solutions for sectors as diverse as medical centers and auto dealerships.
  • Axis agents who have a comprehensive understanding of your specific requirements; agents who stay in close contact with you to optimize efficiency.
  • Route efficiency and cost assessment.
  • Critical, on-demand deliveries – 24/7.
  • Custom-designed daily routes to meet your frequent, multi-stop requirements.
  • Private fleet management.
  • Same Day Air: airport pickup and delivery, door-to-door, same day delivery of your critical package anywhere in the United States.
  • Real-time online package tracking at your fingertips.
  • Proof of delivery via electronic signatures, email, phone and/or fax.

The solutions provided by Axis' Dedicated Services are – like the other supply chain solutions that the company designs and implements for customers in a variety of industries – built on global capabilities, industry-leading technology and a leadership team of veteran logistics professionals.

Please contact Joe Crane at or 888-539-9708 to find out more about Axis’ Dedicated Services and to learn about our transportation solutions for medical centers and auto dealerships.