Axis Boston

Axis Global Logistics offers customers a wide-range of domestic and international transportation services and warehousing options at its Boston, Massachusetts facility.

Axis' Boston facility features an expandable warehouse used for storage and pick-pack operations; the company also provides cross dock services and freight consolidation at this location. In addition, fulfillment services are available at our local Boston warehouse as well as at our other worldwide locations.

These services are part of an overall supply chain solution that the company designs and implements for its customers. Built on global capabilities, industry-leading technology and a leadership team of veteran logistics professionals, this solution rationalizes the supply chain process thus optimizing costs and efficiency.

  • Contact: Blair McNutt—Regional Vice President, Sales
  • Email:
  • Phone: 617-438-5009
  • Fax: 617-241-7799
  • Address: 215 R Salem St.
    Woburn, MA 01801

Please contact us for more information about our Boston facility and for a thorough discussion of your needs.

Axis Global Logistics, Boston