Case Studies


Web-based inventory management systems helps save $4 million in inventory and logistics costs for distributor of wines and spirits
A premium distributor of wines and spirits lacked adequate systems to effectively manage its regional point of sale inventory.  As a result, some items were frequently out of stock while others collected dustAxis installed a web-based inventory management system and a customized process for sales staff and distributors to view images of product, place orders, and track shipments online.  Result: 80% reduction in standing inventory and total supply chain savings of $4 million.


Axis provides video rental company with 24/7 coverage for urgent shipments.  Delivery of production equipment is a high-stakes game where mistakes can have severe financial consequences, such as when equipment is not available for the start of a scheduled event.  For a leading equipment rental company, Axis handles urgent shipping of cameras, sound systems and other high-value equipment going to concerts, sporting events and other special events.  Axis staff are available round the clock to handle weekend and off-hour delivery requirements.  Says the company’s traffic manager, “If there is a delay, Axis people are on the phone or email letting us know the status.  Axis people will ring me up at 4:30 in morning and let me know what’s going on.  That’s what we need.”


Axis manages delivery of newspaper inserts. Reduces freight costs by 40%.
The advertising agency of a Fortune 100 telecommunications firm struggled to coordinate on-time delivery of newspaper inserts to papers across the country due to last minute creative changes.  Axis set up shop at the printer and, for each insert project, coordinated more than 200 multi-stop truckload shipments to points across the US  Our expertise helped reduce freight costs by 40% and made sure inserts arrived at newspapers on time.

Axis steps in to avert signage disaster for major retailer
A major retailer worked with outside design consultants on a complete makeover of all store signage.  Each department within every store in the country would receive new signage based on a set rollout schedule.  Signs were designed and printed but there was one problem.  No one had thought through the precise logistics requirements of collating and shipping signs to individual stores in a set schedule.  Enter Axis.  We brought all printed signs into Axis’ New York warehouse and established communication with all printers and framers.  Based on individual store requirements for signage, we coordinated framing and subsequent delivery of signs to each store location.  As a result, the new and costly branding campaign moved forward on schedule. 


Fortune 100 financial services firm leans on Axis to automate shipment tracking, savings hours in of unproductive time
For the print production department of a global financial services firm, tracking shipment status for its 300 daily print jobs was a time-consuming nightmare that involved checking multiple carrier systems and creating manual reports.  After outsourcing all delivery to Axis, service levels improved.  Now POD status reporting is completely automated, savings hours of unproductive administrative time.

Large financial services firm relies on Axis for deinstallation, packing and delivery of computer and other office equipment. 
At this busy, global financial services firm staff often move from one office to another.  That means computers and other office equipment need to be quickly and carefully relocated so that these knowledge workers are back up and running fast.  Experienced Axis staff handle all such moves for the company, packing equipment, maintaining careful record of all inventory, and delivering equipment to the new location.  Axis works closely with the customer’s IT and other technical staff to coordinate precise delivery times so computers are installed and linked to the corporate network upon arrival.  For this customer, Axis also stores equipment in its safe, secure warehouse for future use. 


Sales team for high-end cameras uses Axis to coordinate shipping of equipment for all sales demonstrations
The US sales arm for one of the world’s leading brands of high-end cameras had a problem.  It did not want its professional sales staff coordinating equipment shipments.  But it was critical that demonstration equipment be available for every sales call, as well as seminars and trade shows.  These sales people traveled the country demonstrating the camera’s capabilities, so the shipping challenge was not minor.  The company asked Axis to take complete responsibility for storing and transporting the equipment.  Axis staff sat down with the customer and developed a highly customized solution that requires Axis knowledge of equipment and model numbers.  In fact, Axis now knows the dimension, pieces and weights for all the major demo kits used.  As a result, we can quickly price shipments and choose the exact aircraft and service level required.  Axis staff are so familiar with the requirements of the customer that the company can simply provide Axis with an itinerary for their next sales trip and, from there, Axis can coordinate all requirements.  Result: the customer’s sales team is completely focused on preparing for and closing deals for its premium equipment. 


Large printing company uses Axis to run its in-house shipping department.
A large New York-based printer maintained a small truck fleet and coordinated domestic and international shipments of its printed materials.  But the company decided to focus its time and investments on its core business.  As a result, it sold its fleet and hired Axis to manage its in-house traffic department.  The firm now gains the benefit of Axis transportation expertise and leverages our volume discounts with carriers.  In addition, instead of managing relationships with dozens of carriers the printer has one go-to person for all logistics needs. 


Law firm uses next-day service from Washington, D.C. to London for regular pouch deliveries
For its daily pouch deliveries to London, the Washington, D.C. office of a large law firm used all the billion dollar parcel companies that advertise on television, each of whom offered 2nd Day delivery for packages picked up by 7 p.m.  Today all such shipments move through Axis based on our ability to provide Next day service for 5 p.m. pickups --  a switch that added a full day’s productivity for the firm’s London-based attorneys. 


Marketing agency uses Axis for one-day turnaround on project to build 1000 tote bags
A marketing agency had one day to build 1,000 tote bags, which were to be distributed to attendees at a New York City convention.  The bag included many different items, including pens, reading lights, a book, brochures and flyers.  WITHIN 24 HOURS, Axis picked up all materials, delivered them to Axis’ product fulfillment warehouse outside Manhattan, sourced reliable labor, designed the assembly process, built the tote bag packages, and delivered them to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, where the convention was held.  Promotional tote bags arrived on time to be distributed to convention goers at registration. 

Axis helps a major television network hit aggressive deadline for press kit assembly and shipping
A major television network needed press kits built on a rush basis.  Axis coordinated the shipment of incoming material from multiple sources so that materials arrived in time for Axis to assemble and meet client delivery date.  The project included box assembly, collating and insertion of printed matter, a DVD and promotional items.  Axis fulfillment staff designed the most efficient assembly process to keep costs down while meeting all deadlines.  Axis shipped the press kits to editors and writers across the country for this timed campaign.  Using Axis’s web visibility tools, the client was able to track shipments and view proof of delivery for distinct shipments. 

Axis helps marketing firm build employee welcome kits for agency client
The human resources department of a major employer did not have the staff to build welcome kits for its steady stream of new employees.  It looked to its marketing agency for help, which in turn tapped Axis Global Logistics to manage the project.  Axis was responsible for burning the company’s annual report on CDs, packing the CDs and placing them, along with numerous forms, into printed folders.   Axis had overall responsibility for project coordination, managing outside printers, copy centers and other suppliers to assure timely project completion. 


Axis handles all logistics for corporate sponsor of major events.  For a major bottled water company, Axis stores and ships water, displays, coolers, signage and other material for major events that the company sponsors, such as the U.S Open tennis tournament.  Because there is little or no storage space on site at the event, the marketing team coordinating the event counts on Axis to replenish supplies as needed.  Shipments are made to a specific person at a specific time.  By using Axis to handle all logistical details, corporate staff can be 100 percent focused on managing a great event.