About Axis Global Logistics

Axis Global Logistics is a leading transportation and logistics company that focuses on creating supply chain solutions for companies in a variety of industries.

Specializing in sensitive, time-critical freight that requires a high-degree of personal service, Axis listens to its customers and gains a thorough understanding of their requirements.  It is that knowledge that allows Axis to design and implement a solution that rationalizes the supply chain process thus optimizing costs and efficiency.

Axis’ industry-specific supply chain solutions are built on a leadership team of veteran logistics professionals as well as on our global capabilities.

The company has distribution and warehouse facilities at strategic locations across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia—along with more than 1500 agents worldwide. 

Axis’ solutions are also built on our industry-leading technology which provides customers with flexibility and real-time visibility and control throughout the supply chain process.

But what really sets an Axis solution apart—and what customers appreciate most of all—is the unmatched personal, around-the-clock service that we deliver every day.

Please email us at or call 800-568-4901 for a discussion of your needs.